Why Work With Us ?

The others take 15 or 25% from drivers, Livia ride takes just $ 1 per trip.
AMAZING right !!


Earn up to $1200 per week

You don’t need to work hard with us. Set your goal for 12 to 15 rides every day, and earn over $ 1200 a week. Yeaaah ! It’s possible, because we take ONLY $1 commission from drivers each trip fare, whatever the amount of the trip. Sign up TODAY !!!


Free registration

Download app, sign up like a PASSENGER, after then send us your : your vehicle and personal documents in minutes + ID Photo


You’re In Charge

Set your own hours; with LIVIA RIDE you’re in the driver’s seat!


Awesome Incentives

Extra cash and great rewards! Sign up bonuses, referral bonuses. Drivers can earn bonuses for completing a certain amount of trips in a given time frame. This can help drivers boost their earnings through the week.

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